3D Software Developer

Job Description: Third Dimension Technologies (TDT), located in the Solway area of
Knoxville, TN, is building a revolutionary true 3D display (no special glasses or head gear
required) for multiple viewers. Our team is looking for a 3D software developer (knowledge of
OpenGL a big plus) to assist with software development for its Holographic Angular Slice 3D
Display (HAS3D). The incumbent will support development of improved software for TDT’s
multi-projector light field displays, and act as Project Manager for the fabrication of additional
very advanced HAS3D systems (two demos presently exist at TDT). The ideal person will have
some background in 3D computer graphics and excellent C/C++ programming skills
(particularly C) with some knowledge of Python (for running scripts to generate code) or a
willingness to rapidly develop familiarity with Python. Expertise in Microsoft Windows and
Microsoft Visual Studio is required. Development of OpenGL skills will be required, if not
already well versed. Equity in the company is available.

Company: TDT is a high-tech startup based in Knoxville, Tennessee, near the University of
Tennessee and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Our company has developed a beta
product for the Air Force, known as the Holographic Angular Slice 3D Display (HAS3D), and
we are looking for a fearless critical thinker that is a passionate believer in true 3D display
technology to assist in the development of the HAS3D product line (see ).

Desired Skills and Experience:
• At least a B.S. or M.S. in computer science or strong experience in computer
• Strong algorithm skills (research, design, development and implementation)
• Excellent C/C++ coding skills, C in particular.
• Familiarity with Python or willingness to rapidly learn.
• Understanding of OpenGL and Direct3D APIs, or willingness to rapidly learn.
• Computer Vision skills, or willingness to learn
• A good mathematical background (ability to work with matrices and trig)
• Must be expert in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Visual Studio IDE.
• Effective communication and collaboration skills
• Must be U.S. citizen or have a green card
This position is full time and candidate must be willing to relocate to Knoxville (or Oak Ridge),
Tennessee area or vicinity.

Application: Please send an email to and provide:
• Contact information including email and phone,
• Resume or CV with publication list (if any),
• Coding sample (preferably GitHub)