The Next Generation of 3D Display Technology

TDT’s Angular Slice 3D Display technology goes beyond traditional stereoscopic displays and provides a fully immersive 3D user experience. See imagery in spectacular 3D without the use of cumbersome glasses or headgear. Move around the display to change perspective and to see around objects in a scene with no dead zones or flipping. No need to dim room lights or close the shades, the optical design provides exceptional brightness even outdoors in bright sunlight. Choose a size to fit your needs, the technology scales from desktop to theater. Brilliant, full color, high resolution 3D visualization at video frame rate is ideal for big data analysis, geospatial intelligence, mechanical and architectural design, medical imaging diagnostics and robotic surgery, training simulations, telepresence, digital signage, and high-end entertainment.

3D Display Technologies Continuously blended angular slices of the TDT 3D display technology provide multi-perspective views of 3D information with no dead zones or pseudoscopic flipping between neighboring views. Stereoscopic 3D requires the use of special glasses to create a 3D effect, but provide only a single perspective view. Lenticular 3D displays allow 3D viewing without glasses and can provide several unique perspective views. However, the discontinuity of the 3D effect between the discrete viewing zones limits the utility of the technology in most applications. See true 3D with TDT’s Angular Slice Display.